A Guide to Different Types of Football Bets

1. Moneyline Bets

Moneyline bets involve predicting the outright winner of a football match, without considering point spreads or goal differences. You choose the team you believe will win.


  • Analyze Recent Form: Study the teams’ recent performances. Assess which team is in better shape and has a higher chance of winning.
  • Head-to-Head Records: Consider historical matchups between the teams. Some teams may have a strong track record against specific opponents.
  • Team News and Injuries: Stay updated on team news and player injuries. These factors can significantly impact the outcome.


  • Value in Odds: Look for value in the odds. Betting on underdogs with favorable odds can be lucrative if there’s a reasonable chance of an upset.

Example: In a game between Barcelona and Real Madrid, if you bet $100 on Barcelona at +150 odds, you’d win $150 if they win the match.

2. Point Spread Bets

Description: Point spread bets, also known as handicap bets, level the playing field by giving an underdog team a virtual advantage and requiring the favorite team to win by a specified margin.


  • Form and Head-to-Head Analysis: As with moneyline bets, analyze team form and head-to-head records to gauge the potential margin of victory.
  • Home Advantage: Home teams often perform better. Take this into account when assessing the point spread.
  • Injuries and Team News: Injuries to key players can affect a team’s ability to cover the spread.


  • Favorable Point Spread: Seek out point spreads that provide favorable conditions for underdog bets.

Example: If the point spread for a match is -1.5 for Team A and +1.5 for Team B, betting on Team A means they must win by at least two goals for your bet to succeed.

3. Over/Under Bets

Description: Over/under bets involve predicting whether the total number of goals scored in a match will be higher (over) or lower (under) than a set line determined by the sportsbook.


  • Analyze Goal Averages: Review both teams’ recent goal-scoring and conceding averages. This helps in predicting whether the total goals scored will exceed or fall short of the set line.
  • Consider Game Context: Take into account factors like team tactics, weather conditions, and the importance of the match.
  • Team News and Injuries: Injuries to top strikers or goalkeepers can impact goal-scoring.


  • Value in Odds: Bet on the over or under when the odds present good value.

Example: If the over/under line is set at 2.5 goals for a match between Liverpool and Chelsea, betting “over” wins if the total goals scored are three or more.

4. Futures Bets

Description: Futures bets are wagers on events that will occur in the future, such as predicting the winner of a league or tournament before it starts.


  • Assess Team and Player Form: Evaluate the performance and form of teams and key players in the league or tournament.
  • Management and Changes: Changes in coaching staff or team management can influence future performance.
  • Injuries and Transfers: Stay informed about player injuries and transfer activity that might affect team dynamics.


  • Underdog Opportunities: Consider betting on teams or players with favorable odds if you believe they have a realistic shot at success.

Example: Before the NFL season begins, you bet on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl at +800 odds.

5. Proposition Bets (Prop Bets)

Description: Proposition bets focus on specific events or outcomes within a football game, such as the first team to score, the number of corners, or player-specific achievements.


  • Evaluate Recent Form: Analyze recent team performances and player statistics relevant to the specific proposition.
  • Consider In-Game Factors: During the match, pay attention to events that align with your chosen proposition.
  • Team News and Suspensions: Player suspensions or last-minute changes can affect the likelihood of certain outcomes.


  • Focus on Your Expertise: Prop bets often require a deep understanding of the game. Concentrate on propositions where you have the most knowledge.

Example: You bet on “Player X to score the first goal” in a match between Manchester United and Arsenal.

6. Parlay Bets

Description: Parlay bets involve combining multiple individual bets into a single wager. To win, all selected bets within the parlay must be correct.


  • Balanced Selection: When building a parlay, choose a mix of safer bets and a few higher-risk options.
  • Research: Extensive research is crucial. Ensure that all the bets within the parlay have a reasonable chance of success.
  • Manage Bet Size: Be cautious with parlay bets; they can be riskier due to multiple components.


  • Small Stakes: Consider smaller stakes on parlay bets to manage risk.

Example: You create a parlay by betting on Manchester City to win, Barcelona to win, and the total goals in a Chelsea vs. Arsenal match to be over 2.5.

7. Live Betting (In-Play Betting)

Description: Live betting allows you to place wagers on various outcomes during a football match as it unfolds, including the final result, the next goal scorer, or the number of corners.


  • In-Game Analysis: Continuously assess the match’s dynamics, such as team performance, tactics, and momentum.
  • React to Changes: Be ready to adjust your bets based on in-game events like goals, substitutions, or injuries.


  • Fast Execution: Live betting requires quick decision-making and execution. Use platforms with responsive interfaces.

Example: During a live match between Juventus and Milan, you bet on Milan to score the next goal when they have momentum.

In conclusion, successful football betting involves a combination of research, analysis, and disciplined betting strategies. Always gamble responsibly, and remember that no strategy guarantees wins. By following these tips and staying informed, you can make more informed football betting decisions.


1. What is the safest type of football bet for beginners?

Answer: Moneyline bets are often considered the safest for beginners because you simply pick the team you believe will win. There are no point spreads or complex calculations involved.

2. How can I calculate potential winnings for a money line bet?

Answer: To calculate potential winnings for a moneyline bet, divide your stake by the odds (if positive) and then multiply by 100. For negative odds, divide 100 by the absolute value of the odds and then multiply by your stake.

3. What is the key to successful point-spread betting?

Answer: Successful point spread betting involves analyzing team form, considering home advantage, and staying informed about injuries and team news. Finding favorable point spreads for underdogs can also be a strategy.

4. Can you explain the concept of over/under betting in football?

Answer: Over/under betting is predicting whether the total number of goals scored in a match will be higher (over) or lower (under) than a set line determined by the sportsbook. You’re not concerned with which team wins; it’s about the total goals.

5. Are futures bets only for long-term predictions like championship winners?

Answer: While championship winners are a common futures bet, you can also place futures bets on various other outcomes, such as the top goal scorer of a season or who will qualify for the playoffs.

6. What should I consider when making proposition bets?

Answer: When making proposition bets, consider recent team form, relevant statistics, and player news. These bets often require specific knowledge about the game or events within the match.

7. Is parlay betting a good way to maximize winnings?

Answer: Parlay betting can yield higher payouts, but it’s riskier because all selected bets must be correct to win. It’s essential to balance potential winnings with the increased risk.

8. How does live betting work, and what strategies can I use for it?

Answer: Live betting, or in-play betting, allows you to place bets during a match as it unfolds. Strategies include analyzing in-game developments, assessing team performance, and reacting to changes like goals or substitutions in real time.

9. Is it possible to become a successful football bettor over time?

Answer: Yes, with research, discipline, and responsible gambling, it’s possible to become a successful football bettor over time. Consistency, informed decisions, and proper bankroll management are key factors.

10. Where can I find reliable football betting odds and information?

Answer: You can find reliable odds and information from reputable sportsbooks, betting websites, and sports news outlets. It’s essential to use trusted sources and stay updated with the latest statistics and news.