Mallorca vs. Valencia

Our analysis of all available data, including XG, recent performances, and player stats, suggests the most likely outcome of this match is a Valencia win, with a probability of 45.3%. A win for Mallorca has a chance of 20.69% and a draw probability of 33.98%. The most likely scoreline for a Valencia win is 0-1 with a probability of 20.49%. The next most likely scorelines for that outcome are 0-2 with a probability of 10.46% and 1-2 with a probability of 6.11%. The most probable Mallorca win is 1-0 with a probability of 11.75%, while for a drawn scoreline, it is 0-0 with a probability of 20.08%.

This match is interesting for betting on the away team (Valencia), as the average odds for a win offered by bookmakers are higher than what our model calculates, with odds at 2.21 compared to around 3.1.

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Mallorca vs. Valencia Betting Tips By XG and Performance